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canada goose clearance Pruitt defended his foreign travel expenses by noting how much his two predecessors atop the agency under Obama, Gina McCarthy and Lisa Jackson, spent on trips abroad.”You mention $100,000?” Pruitt told KMOX’s Mark Reardon, referring to the cost of a trip he took to Italy last June. “They spent a million dollars on foreign trips during their time.”On KLX, Pruitt called some of the media coverage “very gratuitous.”Pruitt’s office came to that canada goose outlet winnipeg figure by adding the travel and security costs of all travelers for the ex administrators’ foreign trips, according canada goose outlet kokemuksia to a spreadsheet shared by an EPA official. In total, the EPA spent spent about $731,000 on McCarthy’s trips and $464,000 on Jackson’s trip, according to the document.But those totals encompass the two ex administrators’ entire tenures heading the EPA. canada goose clearance

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