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canada goose clearance sale To me that be the ultimate tax and have the added bonus of chopping the IRS.I would support a version of a flat tax that takes into account the fact that people with smaller incomes see a larger percentage of their income eaten up by other taxes like sales tax. canada goose outlet in usa An idealized economy could have a flat tax on all income after the first canada goose clothing uk $20k earned, or something.chocoboat 0 points submitted 3 days agoFedor run was impressive but it was tarnished by his refusal to take on the UFC best canada goose outlet woodbury at the time. He could have made huge money, and cemented his legacy as the undisputed best heavyweight of all time if he won, if he took canada goose outlet florida on Randy Couture or Brock Lesnar.Instead he delays until he past his prime and ends up eating three losses in a row to guys who had only limited success in the UFC (though Werdum did go on to be very successful in upcoming years) canada goose clearance sale.