This was when he declared a He started attending recovery meetings. He was into many rehabs but at last, it was an exercise that helped him the most. An intensive workout worked as an effective addiction treatment for Todd. Pitti Laminations (Pitti) reported a dismal set of Q2FY16 numbers with EBITDA margins dropping 800 bps YoY to 5.0% in Q2FY16. Topline for the quarter was at Rs.78.2 crore with corresponding EBITDA at Rs.3.9 crore (margin 5.0%) and PAT at negative Rs.2.8 crore. Lamination sales volume in Q2FY16 was at 4738 tonne, up 3.9% YoY while realisations improved 5.3% YoY on the back of higher stator volume in the sales product mix.

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