Statement eyewear is extremely popular now. There a variety of colours one can play with to get an interesting eye look. Most women can opt for bronze eyeshadow as a different shade to try. MM Forgings’ (MMF) Q4FY18 revenue grew 65.6% YoY to Rs 199.5 crore, driven by both domestic (strong growth from CV segment) and export market (robust US Class 8 truck volumes) EBITDA margins declined 26 bps YoY, 140 bps QoQ to 19.4%, impacted by higher input cost (gross margin contracted 451 bps YoY, 756 bps QoQ). However, it was partly offset by lower other operational expenditure. Reported PAT grew 114.9% YoY to Rs 27.4 crore MMF had acquired DVS Industries (manufacturer of crankshaft for CV, agriculture off highway vehicle) on February 5, 2018 for Rs 4.5 crore.

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