(And yeah it a legit volunteer thing. Those of us that do stuff like this live on the principle that if I paying for a subscription, I happy if I using it no matter who it for. Connecting people with their ancestors? That all the thanks I need.). The 22 year old Dutchman is being held in a Lima prison cell with a contract killer, and told the lawyer he fears for his life, reports CBS News Correspondent Jeff Glor.When van der Sloot was nabbed in Chile June 3, police there say, he told them that, the day before Flores died, two bandits had pulled them over on the road and robbed her of $4,000.He then said those same men came to his Lima hotel room the next day, and that Flores raised her voice to them, causing one man to hit her, possibly breaking her nose.Former federal prosecutor Laurie Levenson told CBS News that story won’t wash. “He was with her before she died,” Levenson says. “He was the last person with her.

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