A Diary Of The Dying

canada goose coats How strange the words look scribbled at the top of the empty page of my book! How stranger still that it is I, Edward Malone, who have written them I who started only some twelve hours ago from my rooms in Streatham without one thought of the marvels which the day was to bring forth! I look back at the chain of incidents, my interview with McArdle, Challenger’s first note of canada goose outlet in vancouver alarm in the Times, the absurd journey in the train, the pleasant luncheon, the catastrophe, and now it has come to this that we linger alone upon an empty canada goose outlet legit planet, and so sure is our fate that I can regard these lines, written from canada goose stockists uk mechanical professional habit and never to be canada goose outlet new york seen by human eyes, as the words of one who is already dead, so closely does canada goose outlet kokemuksia he stand to the shadowed borderland over which all outside this one little circle of friends have already gone. I feel how wise and true were the words of Challenger when he said that the real tragedy would be if we were left behind when all that is noble and good and beautiful had passed. But of that there can surely be no danger. canada goose outlet miami Already our second tube of oxygen is drawing to an end. We can canada goose outlet toronto factory count the poor dregs of our lives almost to a minute. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance We have just been treated canada goose outlet mississauga to a lecture, a good quarter of an hour long, from Challenger, who was so excited that he roared and bellowed as if he were addressing his old rows of scientific sceptics in the Queen’s Hall. He had certainly a strange audience to harangue: his wife perfectly acquiescent and absolutely ignorant of his meaning, Summerlee seated in the canada goose uk shadow, querulous and critical but interested, Lord John lounging in a corner somewhat bored by the whole proceeding, and myself canada goose outlet store uk beside the window watching the scene with a kind of canada goose outlet vip detached attention, as if it were all a dream or something in which I had no personal interest whatever. Challenger sat at the centre table canada goose outlet online store with the electric light illuminating the slide under the microscope which he had brought from his dressing room. The small vivid circle of white light from the mirror left half of his rugged, bearded face in brilliant radiance and half in deepest shadow. He had, it seems, been working of late upon the lowest forms of life, and what excited him at the present moment was that in the microscopic slide made up the day before he found the amoeba to he still alive. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket “You can see it for yourselves,” he kept repeating in great excitement. “Summerlee, will you step across and satisfy yourself upon the point? Malone, will you kindly verify what I say? The little spindle shaped things in the centre are diatoms and may be disregarded since they canada goose outlet belgium are probably vegetable rather than animal. But the right hand side you will see an undoubted amoeba, moving sluggishly across the field. The upper canada goose outlet in chicago screw is the https://www.canadagooseisverige.com fine adjustment. Look at it for yourselves.” buy canada goose jacket

Summerlee did so and acquiesced. So did I and perceived a little creature which looked as if it were made of ground glass flowing in a sticky way across the lighted circle. Lord John was prepared to take him on trust.

canada goose deals “I’m not troublin’ my head whether he’s alive or dead,” said he. “We don’t so much as know each other by sight, so why should I take it to heart? I don’t suppose he’s worryin’ himself over the state of OUR health.” canada goose deals

I laughed at this, and Challenger looked in my direction with his coldest and most supercilious stare. It was a most petrifying experience.

“The flippancy of the half educated is more obstructive to science than the obtuseness of the ignorant,” said he. “If Lord John Roxton would condescend ”

Canada Goose Jackets “My dear George, don’t be so peppery,” said his wife, with her hand on the black mane that drooped over the microscope. “What can it matter whether the amoeba is alive or not?” Canada Goose Jackets

“It matters a great deal,” said Challenger gruffly.

canada goose black friday sale “Well, let’s hear about it,” said Lord John with a good humoured smile. “We may as well talk about that as anything else. If you think I’ve been too off hand with the thing, or hurt its feelin’s in any way, I’ll apologize.” canada goose black friday sale

cheap Canada Goose “For canada goose outlet hong kong my part,” remarked Summerlee in his creaky, argumentative voice, “I can’t see why you should attach such importance to the creature being alive. It is in the same atmosphere as ourselves, so naturally the poison does not act upon it. If it were outside of this room it would be dead, like all other animal life.” cheap Canada Goose

“Your remarks, my good Summerlee,” said Challenger with enormous condescension (oh, if I could paint that over bearing, arrogant face in the vivid circle of reflection from the microscope mirror!) “your remarks show that you imperfectly appreciate the situation. This specimen was mounted yesterday and is hermetically sealed. None of our oxygen can reach it. But the ether, of course, has penetrated to it, as to every other point upon the universe. Therefore, it has survived the poison. Hence,

canada goose clearance sale we may argue that every amoeba outside this room, instead canada goose outlet paypal of being dead, as you canada goose outlet have erroneously stated, has really survived the catastrophe.” canada goose clearance sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap “Well, even now I don’t feel inclined to hip hurrah about it,” said Lord John. “What does it matter?” buy canada goose jacket cheap

“It just matters this, that the world is a living instead of a dead one. If you had the scientific imagination, you would cast your mind forward from this one fact, and you would see some few millions of years hence a mere passing moment in the enormous flux of the ages the whole world teeming once more with the animal and human life which will spring canada goose outlet buffalo from this tiny root. canada goose outlet michigan You have seen a prairie fire where the flames have swept every trace of grass or plant from the surface of the earth and left only a blackened waste. You would think that it must be forever desert. Yet the roots of growth have been left behind, and when you pass the place canada goose outlet uk sale a few years hence you can no longer tell where the black scars used to be. Here in this tiny creature are the roots of growth of the animal world, and by its inherent development, and evolution, canada goose outlet price it will surely canada goose parka uk in time remove every trace of canada goose jacket outlet sale this incomparable crisis in which we are now involved.”

“Dooced interestin’!” said Lord John, lounging across and looking through the microscope. “Funny little chap to hang number one among the family portraits. Got canada goose outlet online a fine big shirt stud canada goose outlet ottawa on him!”

“The dark object is his nucleus,” said Challenger with the air of a nurse teaching letters to a baby.

canadian goose jacket “Well, we needn’t feel canada goose shop uk lonely,” said canada goose outlet england Lord John laughing. “There’s somebody livin’ besides us on the earth.” canadian goose jacket

canada goose store “You seem to take it for granted, Challenger,” said Summerlee, “that the object for which this world was created was that it should produce and sustain human life.” canada goose store

Canada Goose Parka “Well, sir, and what object do you suggest?” asked Challenger, bristling at the least hint of contradiction. Canada Goose Parka

“Sometimes I think that it is only the monstrous conceit of mankind which makes him think that all this stage was erected for him to strut upon.”

“We cannot be dogmatic about it, but at least without what you have ventured to call monstrous conceit canada goose outlet parka we can surely say that we are the highest thing in nature.”

Canada Goose Outlet “The highest of which we have cognizance.” Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose online “That, sir, goes without saying.” Canada Goose online

“Think of all the canada goose outlet montreal millions and canada goose jacket outlet toronto possibly billions of years that the earth swung empty through space or, if not empty, at least without a sign or thought of the human race. Think of it, washed by the rain and scorched by the sun and swept by the wind for those unnumbered ages. Man only came into being yesterday so far as geological times goes. Why, then, should it be taken for granted that all this stupendous preparation was for his benefit?”

“For whose then or for what?”

Canada Goose sale Summerlee shrugged his shoulders. Canada Goose sale

canada goose coats on sale “How can we tell? For some reason altogether beyond our conception and man may have been a mere accident, a by product evolved in the process. It is as if the scum upon the surface of the ocean imagined that the ocean was created in order to produce and sustain it or a mouse in a cathedral thought that the building was its own proper ordained residence.” canada goose coats on sale

I have jotted down the very words of their argument, but now it degenerates into a mere noisy wrangle with much polysyllabic scientific jargon upon each side. It is no doubt a privilege to hear two such brains discuss the highest questions; but as they are in perpetual disagreement, plain folk like Lord John and I get little that is positive from the exhibition. They neutralize each other and we are left as they found us. Now the hubbub has ceased, and Summerlee is coiled up in his chair, while Challenger, still fingering the screws of his microscope, is keeping up a continual low, deep, inarticulate growl like the sea after a storm. Lord John comes over to me, and we look out together into the canada goose outlet canada night.