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canada goose black friday sale Thus, the more closely one inquires the less tenable Kosovo seems as a precedent for future humanitarian interventions.Clinton and Kosovo rather canada goose factory outlet toronto location than Bush and Iraq opened the period we are now living in. Behind the legitimation of both wars, however, lies a broad ideological investment in the idea of “just wars” chiefly, in practice, wars fought by the commercial democracies in the name of democracy, to advance their own interests without an unseemly overbalance of conspicuous selfishness. Michael Ignatieff, a just war theorist who supported both the Kosovo and Iraq wars, published an influential article on the invasion of Iraq, “The American Empire: The Burden,” in New York Times Magazine on January 5, 2003, only weeks before the onset of “shock and awe.” Ignatieff asked whether the American people were generous enough to fight the war our president intended to start against Iraq canada goose black friday sale.