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I am in SK for the month, just spent a week in Jeju and can second your recommendation for AJ. Jeju was fun to drive around and see things. stayed at two different resorts, Booyoung and Haevichi. Booyoung was very nice, newer, canada goose outlet niagara falls and has a canada goose outlet michigan great breakfast buffet, beautiful walking trails, etc. Haevichi has very close access to a nice beach, and tons of restaurants within a canada goose outlet 80 off short walk. But the hotel its self is dated, not in the best condition.

I staying with my in laws, my sister in canada goose outlet in vancouver law has a car and does drive in Seoul on occasion, but for the most part bus and subway will get you around easier as parking is a bitch.

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A couple of months ago I setup a dedicated management cluster in vCenter that would be used for canada goose outlet toronto location management VMs. The cluster contains one DL360 G7 (P410i controller with cache) https://www.canadagoosestorevip.com running ESXi 6.5. The storage on the server consists of two local raid volumes. One is RAID 1 (2x SAS 10k RPM Drives) and the other is RAID 1 (2x WD RED 1TB).

Canada Goose Jackets Since the management server is rarely used, I never noticed how slow the performance was. I only run vCenter 6.7 and a pFsense VM on the management server. Well, today I installed vCenter Operations and immediately received alerts for high latency, so I started looking into it. What I find weird is that the latency is high on both datastores, which leads me to believe the drives are not the problem. Canada Goose Jackets

buy canada goose jacket cheap Anything in particular that I should be looking into? My NFS and iSCSI canada goose outlet ontario datastores show sub 1ms read and write. The problem is only local storage. 2 points submitted 4 months ago buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose deals Sucks that they lost their “millions” of dollars worth of canada goose outlet toronto address data. But as most have pointed out this problem is due to their own process or user errors. canada goose deals

canada goose black friday sale 1) Domain/cloud admins must pay attention to notices from their cloud providers, always, regardless of ‘perceived importance’ canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats on sale 2) Domain/cloud admins need to update their canada goose outlet washington dc cloud provider should they change domain names and expect to retire the old name canada goose coats on sale

3) canada goose outlet mall If you give half a crap about canada goose outlet seattle your data, or business, “back that $hit up!”. “Cloud”!= data protection, canada goose outlet florida especially from user/admin negligence. That why there are backup solutions, even for cloud.

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canada goose coats “3)” I think that part of the problem though. Right or wrong, a lot of people have been sold on SaaS/IaaS solutions like this based on the idea canada goose outlet in new york that they are paying MS/Google/Etc to generally take care of everything relating to the relevant systems. That includes backups. It not particularly crazy to assume that MS or Google will have your data backed up and covered canada goose outlet online uk as a simple matter of course exactly because backups are such a default assumption of good IT, particularly when you are canada goose factory outlet vancouver paying hundred or thousands of dollars a month to them. This is exacerbated by them not going at all out of their way to tell clients otherwise. canada goose coats

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I have an APC UTS10BI, a big UPS with homemade battery strings attached to it, and a crappy construction grade 9kw generator which runs a lot of my house to include lights, HVAC blower for heat, microwave, lab/office, TVs, network, and coffee maker (because without that the rest is useless).

Canada Goose online Your batteries canada goose outlet legit will surely be weakened from the usage. But you could go along way with this APC transfer switch if your house canada goose outlet shop isn set up well for a hardwired standby generator. I can run everything on battery for about 1.5 hrs before I need the canada goose outlet vancouver generator. Canada Goose online

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Canada Goose sale Well. After getting them in I discovered that they require some kind of controller to manage them properly. I have found a serial pinout that supposedly I could build a cable for, and access them via serial port. That wasn really what I had in mind, so I eventually going to look for an APC or something that has proper network connectivity. right now I just use it to see how much canada goose outlet black friday power I drawing overall but canada goose factory outlet toronto location all ports are just on, no canada goose outlet new york city ability to control it. sad panda. Canada Goose sale

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cheap Canada Goose If you haven mastered zoning, and you anticipate career opportunities managing a fabric, you might gain valuable practice picking up the array, canada goose outlet reviews and a cheap FC switch for learning purposes. I wouldn suggest using it as your primary storage for many of the reasons mentioned already; but could be a valuable training tool if that where your professional life is headed. cheap Canada Goose

People talk a lot about FC pending death. canada goose jacket outlet sale In the SMB space, that perspective might be accurate. In the enterprise space, FC is going to be alive and well for a canada goose outlet las vegas long time. I help large customers with fabric refreshes regularly. I canada goose outlet store montreal wouldn be surprised to see FC become more intriguing for HPC environments as the NVMe protocols become baked, engineered storage solutions support it natively.

canada goose clearance With either, I did have to cut of the plug that came with them, and the plug on the canada goose parka outlet stock Dell fans, and Frankenstein it together. In side the T620, I kept two of the stock Dell fans that are directly in front of the CPUs so that they could help cool the procs when I really pushing on the them. So, the box can canada goose outlet trillium parka black get loud, when it loaded up, but canada goose outlet store uk so far I not had any thermal events. Under normal loads with 12 VMs running (my desktop VM, plex, windows media center, AD, Veeam server, iSPY NVR, etc) canada goose vest outlet it normally runs quieter than my AMD Phenom X6 Black edition. canada goose clearance

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I just finished canada goose jacket outlet store uploading to crashplan, started a trial, and 3 weeks to get 2TB uploaded. I didn get a chance to purchase my plan yet, and now I don even have the option. Yay. : (

buy canada goose jacket I talking to a buddy with a Synology to set up USB drives on each other systems so we can cross backup with Hyper Backup. I done with trying to find the next cloud backup that decides they don want to really offer a solution. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose B2 is canada goose outlet probably not bad but long term, an 8TB USB drive is cheaper than the recurring (and variable) costs of B2, or any other cloud solution canada goose.